Standard Features of Tetrahedron Presses

Our presses share basic features in structure, Quiet Air driven hydraulics, platen design, planar heaters, cooling systems, pneumatics, in-line load cell, built-in diagnostics and programmable controls.
This enables them to excel in these major areas:

1. Force

Our precise force control for low power pneumatic models provides force from ½ ton to 16 tons. Tetrahedron's air-over-hydraulic models provide forces up to 600 tons. Patented Load Cell design gives direct measurement with ¼% full scale accuracy while correcting for thermal expansion.

2. Heating

Zoned uniform temperature control using platens containing planar heaters creates even heating. With uniform heating (± 5° F) from edge to edge of each platen, increased output is gained per square inch.

3. Cooling

Rapid water cooling results from core drilled platens and valves interfaced with our advanced Tetrahedron controls. These are capable of cooling rates of about 50° F/minute maximum. Our EVENCOOL® cooling system is fully programmable for rapid cooling and virtually eliminates platen warpage (This option is standard on 1000° F presses). Cooling rates above 300° F/minute are possible with this system.

4. Control

Exact control of temperatures, pressures and time are made possible from the front touch panel. The operator simply determines which procedure to follow, instructs the press then stores the programs.
As a result, our presses are dedicated to long life, low maintenance and smooth operation providing precision and repeatable accuracy.

5. Data Acquisition

An RS 232C port permits both data acquisition and the use of remote programming.

6. Vacuum

All standard MTP/SFP presses are available as vacuum chambered presses. Maximum vacuum and pumping speeds are engineered to customers needs. These chambers accommodate the use of non-corrosive, non-explosive atmospheres in either full or partial pressures.

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