Useful accessories make MTP
Presses more versatile and

Digigraph Recorder

Provides a running hard copy picture of performance factors - sorting out pressure, time and temperature data and reproducing them in digital tabulations and graphics charts with numerical values.

Automatically titles each print-out with a run number, ID number, calendar date, time and program number. A report shows data for platen and tool temperature, force, dwell time, calendar date and time, in addition to any optional displays.

Rapid Remote Control

This option for all MTP presses is a versatile and powerful process control tool. From any PC with an RS-232C serial port, Rapid Remote allows data collection for these applications -

  • Programs can be downloaded allowing a 'library' of cures on materials to be saved.
  • Programming can consist of 6 programs of 5 steps each, which can be linked in a closed loop.

Platen Height Gauge

This feature is fully supported by the MTP and measures the distance between the two platens with a ±0.250 in. range to a resolution of ±0.001 in. Values are presented on the front panel display and Digigraph data print-outs.

MTP Press Additional Options
Precision engineered to
maintain close monitoring
of processes and tests

Miniclave & Controller

The Miniclave System simulates a small autoclave. It utilizes the heat and clamping force of a press to provide an autoclave environment for R&D, prototyping and small production applications. Data acquisition with the digigraph is available.

Event Controller

By providing programmable power outputs, the Event Controller can run many operations. By plugging pressure and vacuum valves into the controller, one can automatically control the temperature, pressure and vacuum in the miniclave with the press. The Event Controller also regulates the operation of automatic loaders or unloaders and the press.

Uniform-Temp Heat Plate

Non-Uniform temperatures can produce a nonuniform cure which means non-uniform results. This heat plate maintains temperature consistency across the entire platen surface. Our Heat Plate controls temperature to within 2°F of set value...and has thermal uniformity over its 8 inch square ground flat steel surface to ±4°F. Automatic Timing Feature optional.

Vacuum Chamber Upgrade

All our standard MTP presses can be vacuum chambered either as original equipment or as a retrofit system that will permit differing noncorrosive, nonexplosive atmospheres in full, partial pressure, or vacuum environments.

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