MTP-14 Compression/Lamination Press

Power, precision,
and touch control
in a high output air/
hydraulic press,
Rapid cooling up to
Data acquisition and remote programmability.

Superbly engineered to operate continuously the MTP-14 is gaining a world reputation as the press to use for precision and accuracy.

Fully integrated software and hardware provide precise control of time, temperature, and pressure. Ideal for R&D labs, quality control and parts manufacture. Our experienced machinists and skilled technicians build the entire press, including control systems.

The MTP-14 maintains accuracy and precision.
We include built-in features and options that make our presses excellent values.

MTP-14 Major Features

  • Platen size 8" and 14" square
  • Maximum force of 24, 30, 40, & 50 tons
  • Max Temperature, 600°F standard
    (750°F, 850°F and 1,000°F optional)
  • Thermal uniformity ± 5°F
  • Heat rate, up to 15°F per minute
  • Cool rate, 50°F per minute (Rapid cooling optional) up to 400°F/minute
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of maximum force (¼% optional)
  • Air-over-hydraulics for quiet, reliable operation
  • Data acquisition through RS 232C
  • Vacuum chamber model available as original press or as a retrofit

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