MTP-24 - 48 Hi-Tonnage Hi-Capacity Presses

Delivers consistent
force up to 600 tons,
temperatures up to
1000°F with rapid
cooling up to
and data acquisition
and remote

Superbly engineered to operate continually, the MTP-24 through 48 have gained a reputation as tough, strong, dependable presses that are used in R&D, QC and production. These models come with many features that cost extra on other presses of this size. MTP presses in this range are available with pressures up to 600 tons. All MTP presses are designed from minimum maintenance. Each is self-contained with no protruding surfaces, thus requiring minimum floor space. Controls, service and power ports are within easy reach.

TP-24 Major Features

  • Platen size 24", 26", 30", 36", & 48" sq.
  • Maximum force up to 600 tons
  • Max Temperature, 600°F, 750°F, 850°F and 1,000°F
  • Thermal uniformity ± 6°F
  • Heat rate, 10°F/minute
  • Cool rate, 50°F per minute (Rapid cooling optional) up to 400°F/minute
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of maximum force (¼% optional)
  • Air-over-hydraulics for quiet, reliable operation
  • Data acquisition through RS 232C
  • Vacuum chamber model available as original press or as a retrofit

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